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Tom Menard Biography

Tom's Menard's Biography

a self taught artist has been painting since 1968. He was born in Utica, NY in 1950. He traveled throughout Europe in the Navy, and then explored the eastern United States. In 1982 he settled in a small town in Connecticut, where he shares his life with his two young daughters.

Thomas paints in acrylics and oils. The quaint little towns of New England have provided his greatest inspiration. In paintings defined with such intricate detail that a viewer might spend hours gazing at each image, he captures the simplicity and beauty of small-town life. "I created art that encourages happy feelings about life in a small town and I hope that the feeling of peace I have discovered living in New England shall be passed on to those who view my art", says Tom

Increasingly recognized regionally, Thomas Menard's art is also replicated in full-color print editions by Aaron Ashley Publishing of New York, NY. Tom's work appears on Taylor Brooke wine labels, Maugle Sierra wine labels, Putnam Savings bank debit card, Reminder phone book covers and has appeared in various publications.